“Two stories” is a project I curated as Art Director for The Collaborative Arts Network in collaboration with Lomography. Born from a simple concept, which sees collaboration as an infinite creative tool, I added to it my passion and expertise in film photography. Considering their skills and, above all, their creative style, I selected 5 artists and directed their work throughout a couple of months. I gave them a film of 36 exposures, which they then passed on to the next photographer, who took his own images using the same film. As a result, more than 70 double exposure pictures, with each image super-imposed on top of the other, leading to unique, mysterious and startlingly synchronous photographs. The experiment has resulted in an exhibition, held on the 16th of March 2013 at The New Empowering Church, 1a Westgate Street, Hackney, London.

Artists involved: Daniel Campagne, Maximilian Hetherington, Fiona ConeDaniel Martinelli, Joshua Eiffel.

London, March 2013