Europe & Me is an online lifestyle magazine created by young Europeans for young Europeans. Its motto is to “make Europe personal”, because Europe is often only identified with politics and bureaucracy. The magazine was founded in September 2007 and first published in July 2008.

During the last three years, the magazine has published a new issue every three months and built up an online community of more than 1500 participants. More than one hundred authors have written for the magazine. Editors, authors and community work together voluntarily for a common goal: to capture the feeling of a new, transnational lifestyle.

For the issue number 33, I had the pleasure to write a piece about my experience with the Erasmus+ programme, linked to the topic of “Europeanisation”. ‘Erasmus has changed my mindset, for real!’ is a piece that stems from my passion for travels, which led me to a glorious revelation.


April 2016.